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Karaca Leather; It was established in 1993 with its technical, commercial and global professional knowledge in raw leather processing, tanning, production and sales. Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone – F1 B Parcel, 34956 Tuzla, Istanbul (Lat: 40.883687 – Longitude: 29.369153), operates in a 5000 m2 closed area. In its sector, it has always aimed to build its relations with its suppliers and customers on trust and honesty. Karaca Leather, which exports to more than 15 countries; Turkey to end users in the leather market, offers quick and convenient services to the needs. Providing advantage to customers depends on understanding their needs at a technical level. For this reason, Karaca Deri aims to make a difference by adding its experience to engineering studies. By determining which product and how its customers need; offers the right type of leather with the right raw material. Khan napa leather hides according to the customer request by providing various provinces in Turkey, softy, aniline, ancient, nubuck, float, primers, etc. Videla. produces leather. Our company, which aims to work with the understanding of quality production and service, gives priority to all investments required to achieve this goal in today’s competitive conditions and still continues these investments. Our goal; To be a reliable, pioneer, leader and respected Leather Production company in the domestic / international market for our customers.



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Karaca Deri

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Solution Oriented Company
The company was completely solution oriented, we did not have any problems. I highly recommend it.
Emrah Altın
Successful communication and product quality
The company is successful in terms of communication, timing and product quality. I would recommend Karaca Leather, which is really professional, to everyone.
Nazan Okur