803 million dollars export in the leather sector

The leather industry, which has exported $ 803 million so far this year, aims to reach $ 1.5 billion by the end of 2020.

Mustafa Şenocak, President of the Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association (IDMIB), said to the AA correspondent that the “Leather and Fur Fashion Show” fair held in Antalya will mobilize the exports that have fallen due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak.

Turkey from 46 firms opened stands as fair, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Macedonia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and voicing attended by close to business people than 700 Belarusian Şenocak, said the fair they hope to gain new business opportunities.

Explaining that they have started exportation fast this year and that they have reached an increase trend of up to 15 percent at the beginning of the year, Şenocak reminded that the sector broke the monthly and periodic export records of all times in January and February.

Stating that consumption and demand have decreased worldwide due to the epidemic, Şenocak stated that they experienced an export decrease of more than 40 percent between March and August.


Emphasizing that the export of leather and leather products was 803 million dollars between 1 January and 18 August, Şenocak said, “As of August 18, our exports of shoes are 514 million dollars, our semi-finished / finished leather and processed fur exports are 101 million dollars, our exports to leather goods are 100 million dollars. and our leather and fur garment exports were 87 million dollars. ” said.

Stating that the sector exports to more than 200 countries, Şenocak stated that Germany, Russia, Italy, Iraq, Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Romania and the USA were among the top ten countries with the highest sales in this period.


Şenocak stated that sales channels such as e-commerce and e-export will now be positioned at the center of global trade more effectively during the period of travel restrictions, and stated that they are working on the IDMIB Digital Transformation Project to increase exports.

Stating that they created a road map by collecting them under 9 main headings within the scope of the project, Şenocak said:

“The basis of our project is the adaptation of our companies to new generation marketing steps such as three-dimensional product modeling, online catalog creation, digital B2B events, virtual fairs and e-export. bring in. this will be the portal 365 days a year open to the public. portal of our need for the introduction of the world Turkey Exporters Assembly with us as well as the Ministry of Commerce we continue our work in coordination. we set the 2020 export target in today’s conditions direction by approximately 1.4 to $ 1.5 billion range. “

Stating that they also work on the promotion of the sector, Şenocak noted that they also implemented the project “The story of Turkish leather, international promotion and cooperation work”. Stating that they will be publishing 5 promotional films, which were recently shot, on all digital platforms, Şenocak said, “We believe that in this way, we will make the quality and production power of Turkish leather and leather products more known and recognized globally.” said.