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About Us

Our company who always consider the quality as its prime concern in Skin/Hide production has got its rightful place among the companies who are in leather processing business since 1993. Founded as a family enterprise our company was in skin/hide trade in the beginning. And when second generation of the family joined the company after they have completed their relating education, the company began in leather processing business and succeeded a great progress.

Under the frame of this progress and development the company moved to Istanbul Leather Industry Site area using most sophisticated machinery. Our company who is aiming to work for first quality production and service, is still primarily developing by making necessary investments in order to fulfill its main purpose under the competitive conditions of nowadays and will be going ahead with investments for still better.

Our Company is professionally producing and Supplying to main Shoemakers and leatherworks companies who present the first quality shoes and leatherworks in Turkey. Beside of these our company develops the exporting studies and fulfills the requests coming from Europe and Far east Countries.

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