Quality policy

Our company acting with the vision of “Customer Focus”

 – Providing the highest quality service in all its activities in accordance with its mission,

– To meet the quality targets of the relevant units in our company through concrete and measurable parameters, to determine.

– Structuring business processes in line with our vision,

– To minimize the differences that may arise between the quality levels of our business processes,

– To determine the areas where the quality level can be increased by constantly reviewing the business processes,

– Conducting our work and quality management according to quality standards, customers and other conditions to continuously improve the efficiency of the system,

– Raising our efficiency in our business processes to a level that can compete internationally,

– Encouraging innovative and creative approaches in our company,

– Creating the documentation and archive system required by our quality management system,

– To be a company that stands out with its quality in the sector in which our company operates, is committed.